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 The first release of the WEFUNK catalogue produced a completely in-house; Cacophonic FM “The Journey” the debut solo album by company founder Michael Clip Payne featured guest appearances by George Clinton, the Original Parliaments, Tony Allen (Fela) and many of the WEFUNK stable of artists. The album received rave reviews worldwide and sold over 4000 copies at Concerts and through mail order alone. The single "Puff Slowly" was one of the Top Ten songs on High Times "Top 25" songs of the year.

If you got faults, defects or shortcomings
You know, like arthritis, rheumatism
or migraines
Whatever part of your body it is...
I want you to lay it on your radio,
let the vibes flow through
Funk not only moves, it can re-move, dig?


Deville Edwards Artwork

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