Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army


 Despite starting in riveting fashion, with a lofty performance with George Clinton, P-Funk, Mary J. Blige and more in the new Trolls: World Tour movie (which ended up being the biggest selling digital release of all time),   Bedrosian was, like the rest of the world, sidelined by the worldwide pandemic. Work continued however, doing an extremely popular, 9+ month long request line show, with hundreds of requests.

 Danny on Everything video podcast reached new heights with it's youtube page, and Bedrosian produced (along with his podcast producer Karl Sorne) a live at home performance that was highly acclaimed.  

 Bedrosian also continued work on the Son's of the Sun comicbook, with the production of #2 beginning, and the pre production of #3 just starting.

 Also Bedrosian digitized the issue #1 for fans and in the very end of the year, released his fastest selling album to date, the Danny Bedrosian and Secret Army album EXALTATION. 

 (with a portion of proceeds going to Armenian soldiers, their families, and the refugee families of Artsakh in the current catastrophe in Bedrosian's ancestral homeland of Armenia)